Cineaste365 (February 20, 2014 - DAY 131) - "Lebanon" - Samuel Maoz

Lebanon – A Film Review

The emotional traumatic experiences of four young Israeli soldiers during the first 24 hours of the 1982 Lebanon War are the centerpiece of Samuel Maoz’s feature film “Lebanon.” Maoz based the film on his own experiences as a tank gunner during the war and centers the entire film on the events that occur in and around an Israeli war tank.

Let It Rain

A Review of “Let It Rain”

“Let It Rain,” is the third film from Agnes Jaoui, a French writer-director-actress and singer of Tunisian Jewish descent.  The film focuses on a handful of characters who are connected to Agathe Villanova, played by Jaoui.  In the film, Agathe is a successful author and feminist who is trying to get into politics.  At the…

the wedding song

A Different Tune – “The Wedding Song” Film Review

What happens when you try to sustain an unlikely friendship of a teenaged Jewish girl and a teenaged Muslim girl against the backdrop of Tunisia during World War Two?  Will the friendship last despite the religious differences?  Will they both survive the war?  What will happen to their loved ones?  One potential solution is brought…

A Modern Orthodox “Friends”

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Laizy Shapiro created a TV show in Israel about single religious modern orthodox singles who live in Jerusalem called “Srugim.”  “Srugim” is one of the top rated TV shows airing in Israel. “Srugim” resembles “Friends” in the manner that it revolves around a young group of friends…

Big Girl, Big Inspiration

When you were 13 what were you doing? Think about that question when you think about Leah, now 17. She started Yaldah Magazine, a magazine “for Jewish girls, by Jewish girls”, when she was 13. Now she’s is eligible to win $100,000 in a Well’s Fargo’s Somday Stories Contest to expand her magazine. Check out…

The Lion of Logic: Lessons are Everywhere

It’s rare to find a combination of caring, love of Israel, humor, economics, logic and knowledge of pharmacuticals and dikduk. But we Jews are an amazing people. The Lion of Zion writes about the Kosher food pricing and there is a lesson.

paying yeshiva tuition

How You Can Fix the Yeshiva Tuition Crisis

Everywhere in the blog world and the real world the discussion rages on. “How much is your tuition?!?”… “How can you afford it?!?”… “I heard that someone is paying over 50k in tuition a year.”… ” I heard someone was thrown out of yeshiva because they couldn’t afford it.”… But what can be done about…

The Easiest Way to Jumpstart Success

Success on a project, in business or in life can’t be achieved until you start. Layering is an approach that increases your chance for success. The concept is simple: break the project into small parts, start small and “launch” frequently. Then add more layers of complexity on it. Here are the steps to getting that…

In Search of the Perfect Gift

Are you frequently late for gifts for your loved ones or if you’re on time are the gifts lackluster?Amazon’s Gift Central may be ale to help. It allows you to get notified of special events (anniversary) in advance, look up wishlists or just recommends gifts based on categories. The key is to start planning early…

Fire Your Lawyer

Wouldn’t it be great if you can get rid of your lawyer and handle some simple legal tasks yourself- imagine the monay and stress you’d save. Now maybe you can! offers over 300 legal documents, ready to use in word format, on it’s site for free.