Five Steps To Instant Productivity

Merlin of 43 Folders has published Merlin’s top 5 super-obvious, “no-duh” ways to immediately improve your life. This short article is a must read for productivity newbies and veterans alike(it’s good to review). Even just clearing out the clutter in your life can save you much time and effort.

Are You Wasting Time Online

The internet can be an extremely helpful resource and time saver. It can also be a huge time waster- track your time online with the Firefox plugin TimeTracker. It shows you how much time you’ve spent online that day so you know if you’re spending your time wisely.

What Is The World Saying About You and Your Business

It’s important to find out what the world is saying about you and your business so you can stop false rumors and highlight the positive. Google yourself (go to google and type the appropriate term) to get what’s in the internet about you. Then use Google Alerts to automatically get any updated information emailed to…

Stop Making Common English Mistakes

People judge you by how you speak/write and what words you use. Make sure you use the correct word. Do you know the difference between “All ready” (completely prepared) and “Already” (something that has happened before a certain time)? If you’re like most people who write a lot (not alot), you’ll make the same mistakes…

Jewish dating service

How does Jewish dating service stand apart from any other type of dating? Jewish singles, by temperament, lean to seek out fellow Jewish singles though they are not chiefly spiritual. Jews are always together as a group, either genetically or as a society. Not entirely, of course, as there are numerous Jewish people who have…

Google Deals

Google recently launched Google Checkout a simple way to pay across multiple sites without entering payment info for each. To celebrate they are giving out $10 off coupons for $20 coupons at many top retailers including Starbucks and Bestbuy.