Labor Of Love- The Answer to Getting What You Want

The answer is “passion”. Isn’t that amazing- one simple word answers many of your most important life questions: “How do I get more money?”, “How do I enjoy work/ my life more?”, “What do I do next?”. Ever notice when you enjoy doing something the time goes fast. Ever notice that when you’re into it,…

Fire Your Lawyer

Wouldn’t it be great if you can get rid of your lawyer and handle some simple legal tasks yourself- imagine the monay and stress you’d save. Now maybe you can! offers over 300 legal documents, ready to use in word format, on it’s site for free.

The Search for Kosher is Over

It’s difficult to find kosher food in unfamiliar areas and when you do it’s hard to figure out if it’s close to your current location. Now Google makes it easy just type ” Kosher Restaurants in [Enter City, State or zipcode here]” and you get the results on a map so you can see proximity…

Bonus Time: End of the Year Rituals

As the end of the year draws near the many rituals of the season come to the fore: Bonuses, Performance reviews (how to ace them), organizing a Chanukah party and of course dealing with chanukah gifts. Stay relaxed and enjoy them. Thanks for supporting us through another year- remember you’re one in a million

Back up to email

Ever wanted to send yourself the file your working on so you can continue working elsewhere? Do you want an easy way to backup an important file? Try Back up to email. East to use Right click and backup any file or folder to your email account, no limit on file size, files larger than…

Is your food expired

Here’s a quick quide to the dates on your food: “sell by” is more a guide for the store to know how long it can display a product for sale. “best before” or “best if used by” date- refers to a quality or flavor of the food. “Use by” works more like an expiration date,…

Five Steps To Instant Productivity

Merlin of 43 Folders has published Merlin’s top 5 super-obvious, “no-duh” ways to immediately improve your life. This short article is a must read for productivity newbies and veterans alike(it’s good to review). Even just clearing out the clutter in your life can save you much time and effort.

Are You Wasting Time Online

The internet can be an extremely helpful resource and time saver. It can also be a huge time waster- track your time online with the Firefox plugin TimeTracker. It shows you how much time you’ve spent online that day so you know if you’re spending your time wisely.