Stop Being Productive, Start Being Successful

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Are you working harder and harder and becoming more productive yet you still feel like there’s much more to do with no end in site? The problem is that productivity (doing something well) is only one of the three pillars of success to your Success Making Machine. Below I highlight the other two pillars. Once you integrate these easy steps your chances for success will significantly increase.
There’s some people who are productive at the wrong thing. Like the person who efficiently creates the weekly report every week- that isn’t being read. In effect, they are being efficient at not achieving their (career advancement) goals because they are wasting time doing something that’s not needed. Before you achieve any success you need to know what your shooting for- think about the goals. Then create a rudimentary plan for acheiving your
goals. This can be a quick back of the envelope session or a more formal outlining- as long as you start thinking about what you really want to achieve.

So now you have a goal and a plan and are being productive you still may not be successful unless you enjoy what you’re doing. Because once adversity hits (and it will) the effort will be too hard. Here’s a simple rule for enjoying your work more: Do more of what you like and less of what you don’t.

Next Steps
The principles outlined here will get you on your way to success. But there are still many more tools you can use to be more productive. The key is to build your own system that will  produce success even when you cant put effort on to it. That is a Success Making Machine and it will guarantee success.

Productivity is an admirable goal but there’s more to success than being productive. So think about what you want to do and enjoy it.

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