A Modern Orthodox “Friends”

DSC01248Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Laizy Shapiro created a TV show in Israel about single religious modern orthodox singles who live in Jerusalem called “Srugim.”  “Srugim” is one of the top rated TV shows airing in Israel.

“Srugim” resembles “Friends” in the manner that it revolves around a young group of friends who are trying to establish themselves in the workplace while searching for love.  This group of friends includes a graphic designer, an accountant, a biblical studies major, a grammar teacher, and a doctor.  What makes the show unique is the fact that all of these friends are observant modern orthodox Jews. Many episodes feature Shabbat meals, men and women davening, and men wearing kippot.The show features the struggles that some of the characters have being religious while trying to date or make a living.

Mr. Shapiro created the show in order to give all viewers a glimpse and understanding of modern orthodox Israelis and their struggles to find love in Israel. Many modern orthodox Jews, no matter where they live, will surely identify with the characters and situations that are
exposed in “Srugim.”

The first season of the show just finished airing in Israel on the YES satellite network.  These 15 episodes will soon be available on Israel’s channel 2. You can download episodes in Hebrew at tvnetil.co.il (you need to register and then do a search for the show).The first 3
episodes are currently in the 60th Israeli Film Festival in America and have English subtitles. Mr. Shapiro is looking into releasing the show on DVD as well as one with English subtitles.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ben Sutherland

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