Big Girl, Big Inspiration

When you were 13 what were you doing? Think about that question when you think about Leah, now 17. She started Yaldah Magazine, a magazine “for Jewish girls, by Jewish girls”, when she was 13. Now she’s is eligible to win $100,000 in a Well’s Fargo’s Somday Stories Contest to expand her magazine. Check out…

The Lion of Logic: Lessons are Everywhere

It’s rare to find a combination of caring, love of Israel, humor, economics, logic and knowledge of pharmacuticals and dikduk. But we Jews are an amazing people. The Lion of Zion writes about the Kosher food pricing and there is a lesson.

How You Can Fix the Yeshiva Tuition Crisis

Everywhere in the blog world and the real world the discussion rages on. “How much is your tuition?!?”… “How can you afford it?!?”… “I heard that someone is paying over 50k in tuition a year.”… ” I heard someone was thrown out of yeshiva because they couldn’t afford it.”… But what can be done about…

In Search of the Perfect Gift

Are you frequently late for gifts for your loved ones or if you’re on time are the gifts lackluster?Amazon’s Gift Central may be ale to help. It allows you to get notified of special events (anniversary) in advance, look up wishlists or just recommends gifts based on categories. The key is to start planning early…

Sit Right

A poor work environment can lead to a myraid of pain. Use the Ergonomic Workplace Planner to trailor your workspace directly to your height.

Can You Eat and Lose Weight?

That sounds like a rediculous question- of course when you eat you gain weight. But the following foods give you almost no calorie intake so they’ll make excellent snacks. sparagus beet broccoli green cabbage carrot cauliflower celery root celery chicory hot chili peppers cucumber dandelion endive garden cress garlic green beans zucchini apple cranberries grapefruit…

Leave A Message on Shabbos

It’s easy to communicate nowadays- there’s email, phone even old fashioned letter writing. But on shabbos these items are prohibited- so what’s a yid to do if they want to send a message. Enter the “Magnetic Shabbos Message Board” it allows you to piece together a message right on your fridge.