Reader's Mail: How can I reach more people to see our website?


We have a new website called: where we sell Israeli real estate for Jewish people.

We believe that every Jewish person needs to have a home in the holy land.

Do you have any idea on how can I reach more people to see our website?


JewCentral’s Reponse:
Hi Sam,

Getting traffic to a website requires work but with the right effort and a little luck you can build a machine that will give you constant traffic on your site. Having good marketing material and quality content are key. Given that you asked about traffic I’ll tackle that specifically. There are three ways for people to reach your web site:

1. Offline efforts
– You can use media and advertising to have people reach your site. You can have events or sponsor other events and use your website to draw people into your service. Be sure to include your web address in all correspondence, this way people who want more information can look it up.

2. Online Advertising– If you want people to contact you online the best way to reach people is online- so they can just click to you. The easiest way is to pay for ads.
1) Just find an appropriate site and contact them. The advantage is that you can be sure your ads are displayed alongside appropriate content and you can get the positioning you want.
2) Ad networks- You can sign-up with ad networks like Google who aggregate a bunch of sites together that are appropriate to your market (though the use of keywords). The advantage is that you only need to deal with one organization and you can be as flexible as you want in terms of frequency, price and timing.

3. Links In– The best way to get traffic is to get other sites to send it to you for free! Here are 3 ways to do that:
1) Search engines: Here are 2 articles that will guide you through the process:
a) How to get free traffic to your web site-
b) Make Your Site More Important To Search Engines
2) Cultivate relationships with other sites– Find appropriate sites that your target would visit and work out link exchanges with them or better offer the site something they want- quality content (which has your link in it). If you are an expert in your field write articles about it. In your case would be a good match for you. If you or someone in your organization is an expert in Israeli real estate that may be a good approach.
3) Participate in other sites– Some sites (like have forums where your comments and expertise are welcome. Find them and be active. Don’t sound like a commercial but have your thoughtful comments establish your reputation and link to your site when appropriate. Many sites let you link to your in your footer.

Good luck.

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