The Bubble, An Eyton Fox Film

“Love, Love Tel Aviv” is the slogan on the T-shirt designed by Lulu that is worn by most of the main characters in Eyton Fox’s latest film, “The Bubble.” The T-shirt depicts the yearning for peace, sensitivity, tolerance, and freedom of four young people who live in and around Tel Aviv. The film tries to depict how three Israelis (Lulu, Noam, and Yali) and one Palestinian (Ashraf) try to lead normal lives in Tel Aviv (their bubble) while intolerance and hatred brew around them.
For the first two acts of the film, Fox lets the viewers get to know these four distinct and insightful individuals. We see them try to live peaceful, loving, normal lives. They work, hang out in bars, and form loving relationships. It is as if these four individuals are living in a bubble – untouched by the politics in the region that will eventually “pop” their bubble and touch their lives in a tragic way in the third act. Despite the tragic ending, Fox tries to show the viewer the courage and strength of love to overcome political differences, prejudices, intolerance, and hatred.

“The Bubble” stars Ohad Knoller, Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid, Daniela Wircer, and Alon Friedmann. There is also a guest appearance from Lior Ashkenazi. All of the actors give strong performances. The writing, directing, and editing (cross-cutting) were powerful throughout the film. Some viewers may find some of the material and references controversial and debatable(heterosexual and homosexual couples and some references to the Holocaust). However, the film touches upon important issues and is certainly worth seeing and discussing with others.

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