Primo Levi’s Journey-A Film Review

Primo Levi’s Journey is a new documentary about the path Primo Levi took through Europe once he was liberated from Auschwitz. The documentary uses voice over narration from Primo Levi’s book “The Truce” (about his eight-month journey to Italy via various locations in Europe after being liberated from Auschwitz) over modern day footage of the locations that he wrote about. The viewer gains some insight about these locations and what has happened to them since World War II.
The voice over of Primo Levi’s book is done by oscar winner Chris Cooper. His narration brings to life Primo Levi’s startling tale. This narration is very powerful and overtakes some of the visuals on the screen. However, the filmmakers used very little footage of Primo Levi. The viewer only sees him when he visits Auschwitz on the anniversary of the camp being closed. If you want to see real life footage of Primo Levi and his story, then the film may disappoint you. However, if you want to learn about the various locations that Primo Levi passed through on his journey home to Italy, then you will not be disappointed.

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