How You Can Fix the Yeshiva Tuition Crisis

Everywhere in the blog world and the real world the discussion rages on. “How much is your tuition?!?”… “How can you afford it?!?”… “I heard that someone is paying over 50k in tuition a year.”… ” I heard someone was thrown out of yeshiva because they couldn’t afford it.”… But what can be done about it?

There are no easy answers otherwise it would have been done already. But we (the community) can start by brainstorming ideas and implement the easier ones.

I’ve started this process out by listing some approaches below. These approaches are not invented by me, they were introduced on Orthonomics, Lion of Zion and probably by you at your friend’s shabbos table.

Please take these approaches (and any others you may have) and come up with ideas how to implement them. With conversation and refining I hope that a few can be put into action.

I’ve set up a special Yeshiva Tuition Crisis Message Board so people can speak freely and ideas can be generated.

Yeshivas will provide financial documentation. They will be used to help them run more efficiently and eliminate allegations of improper use of funds and nepotism.
See a proposal

Student will work at meaningful jobs that give them useful experience. It will improve their resumes and provide money toward their tuition.

Better Fundraising
Ideas to help schools raise more money with minimal effort.

Umbrella Yeshiva Buying Group
Yeshivas will combine their purchasing power to negotiate better rates.

Lobby for Tax Relief
Work with the government on beneficial tax policies.

Lobby for Tuition Vouchers
Work with the government to institute tuition vouchers.

Better Formula for Financial Aid
Enact a transparent formula for distributing aid- only to families that need it.

Home Schooling
Ease home schooling implementation for those parents who are interested.

Post public school Yeshiva classes
Have a form of yeshiva after the public school day. (probably off grounds judging by the legality of this) and work with the public schools during the day to offer more yid friendly classes like hebrew and jewish history.

Next step: Head over to the Yeshiva Tuition Crisis Message Board to start lessening the crisis.

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