A Review of “Let It Rain”

“Let It Rain,” is the third film from Agnes Jaoui, a French writer-director-actress and singer of Tunisian Jewish descent.  The film focuses on a handful of characters who are connected to Agathe Villanova, played by Jaoui.  In the film, Agathe is a successful author and feminist whoLet It Rain is trying to get into politics.  At the beginning of the film, she returns to her hometown in the South of France where she has to deal with family issues between herself and her sister as well as deal with two bumbling documentary filmmakers, one of whom is her family’s maid’s son, who want to make a film about her.  Through the interconnectedness of these “flawed” characters, Jaoui is able to explore different types of relationships and how these characters see themselves as well as how they deal with different types of love.  She manages to balance heavy drama with light-hearted comedy throughout the film and makes the viewing experience insightful and entertaining.

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