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Recently endorsed Gmail, Google’s free email service. Now we’ll tell you how to use it to access files anywhere in the world.
Simply install GMail Drive Shell Extension adds a new drive to your computer under the My Computer folder, where you can create new folders, copy and drag’n’drop files to.

When you create a new file using GMail Drive, it generates an e-mail and posts it to your account. The e-mail appears in your normal Inbox folder, and the file is attached as an e-mail attachment.

Because the GMail files will clutter up your Inbox folder, you may wish to create a filter in GMail to automatically move the files (prefixed with the GMAILFS letters) to your archived mail folder.

Currently Gmail is available by invitation only- fortunately has invitations, email us to get your invitation (we have a lot but it’s first come first serve)- just let us know your username and your favorite part of

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