Beating Job Stress

Individuals who are unhappy in their jobs have found making a job change difficult in this shaky economy and tight job market. If you are unhappy with your boss, co-workers, commute, work environment, or job responsibilities and you just can’t make a job change, you are setting yourself up for stress and potential health problems. Here are some suggestions to alleviate job stress while waiting to make a move:
1. Make exercise a regular part of your day. Don sneakers at work and walk on your lunch hour or find some way to integrate exercise into your daily routine.

2. Use voice and vocals to relax and brighten your day; listen to books on tape during your commute, favorite CDs during the day, or tune into a classical or jazz music station.

3. Make dates for lunch with people whose companionship you enjoy.

4. Eat a balanced diet so you feel well physically.

5. Make an effort to be pleasant at work and learn to ignore or make light of any unpleasant personalities.

6. Check and see if your organization allows employees to volunteer during the workday; if so, locate a cause that would give you pleasure and volunteer.

7. If you are unchallenged, offer to assume a different responsibility to energize your day and demonstrate that you are a team player.

8. Find hobbies or interests that satisfy you during your personal time so you�ll look forward to your evenings and week-ends.

9. Keep your resume updated and your network ready for any job opportunity that comes your way.

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