Chanukah- Lights, Latkes, Action!

The holiday season can be a stressful time, between the need to prepare for and attend numerous parties and purchasing gifts it leaves no time to enjoy the holidays. As usual Jew Central has some ideas to get you through it.
Organize a pot luck party with attendees bringing one wrapped gift (per child if appropriate). The wrapped gifts can then be picked randomly or for more fun allow subsequent pickers the option of picking a wrapped gift or of “stealing” one of the opened ones. If an opened one is selected, that person can then chose to take a wrapped gift or steal a different opened one. Do this until all wrapped gifts are given out- so each person has one. This minimizes food preparation and gift buying time- plus the entertainment is taken care of.

If you still insist on giving gifts, here are two gift suggestions for that special girl and forward thinker to get you started.

Be sure to look at our poll to see how others handle their Chanukah gift giving.

Happy Chanukah!

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