Dating Review: Future Simchas

The “” website is one of the most popular Jewish sites on the internet that updates the community on news about simchas like couples who are engaged, just got married, or just had a child. “” has now added a new feature to their website – future simchas!” is the latest internet Jewish dating site that has the potential to rival J date. “” lets members post free profiles and up to four pictures. Profile questions include the usual – age, height, build, hair and eye color, religious observance level, job description as well as descriptions of what you are looking for and what you’d like others to know about you. Some interesting profile questions at this site include – political standings, dress/clothing style, whether or not you want to make aliyah, and what famous person do you resemble. They also have included a number of “ice breaker questions” – multiple choice and fill in questions that include – what soda do you like (Coke or Pepsi), what type of magazine do you prefer reading (People or Newsweek), and what types of topics do you find interesting to discuss (politics or celebrities).

Since “” is new, many of the features are still being worked out. The standard features like searches, email, chat, and friends list are available on the site. Right now, there are profiles from Jewish individuals in about 25 states in the U.S. Most of the members appear to be in their twenties, but there are still a good number of members in other age groups. One of the perks of being a member is that until January 2005 members can email other members for free.

Through positive word of mouth, “” could grow into a popular internet Jewish dating site. So if you are single, it’s worth posting a profile and picture. You never can tell – you might just make that move from “futuresimchas” to “onlysimchas!”
This review was written by a shayna meidel.

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