Don’t Email Your Resume Until You Read This

Do you have the perfect resume? Did you proof read it? That’s not enough to keep your resume from the trash can! Before you click send consider which email address are you sending your resume from? Here are three dont’s of resume submission.
Don’t send your resume from your work account- it is unprofessional, reflects badly on you, it is probably in violation of company policy and worse it may be read by your boss putting your current job in jeopardy.

Don’t have strange names that will make a recruiter think twice. beerbuzz and jewishcutie won’t convey the professionalism you seek.

Don’t send your resume from your own domain- you may think that sending your resume from makes you look cool and technologically adept but consider that the recruiter now knows your domain name ( and can now see your whole life story including your drunken Purim pictures and other tid bits which may be taken out of context.

Do get a yahoo, hotmail or other free email account and create yourself an account specifically for your job search correspondence. Try to make it include your name so it is easy for recruiters to match your name and email address.

Good luck on your job search.

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