Don’t Let Passover Pass Over You

Pesach (Passover) is right around the corner and JewCentral has been sharing ways to make this time of year less stressful with time saving and money saving tips.

The hoopla surrounding Passover can be broken into three parts: the cleaning, food and fun.
Save time and aggrevation with Ten Tips for Reducing Pesach Pressure and Time-saving Pesach tips for overworked mothers. Also look for specific instructions on How to clean your keyboard and How to Double the Life of Your Dryer.

Despite the elimination of bread products on Passover the food choices are delicious.Are you wondering how to quickly check if something is kosher for passover? See’s passover section. Also be a observant consumer, are you being overcharged for Passover food?

Passover is a time for togetherness. The seder brings families together. During Chol hamoed (the intermediate days of Passover) many have a “tradition” to take their matzo and check out a ball game. The Jewish Boys of Summer- Jewish Players in 2005 may offer a few more players for you to root for. We even point out an unusual pesach gift for your kids. For those family members who cant make it to your seder, send them a Passover ecard to let them know they are missed.

This passover may your cleaning be theraputic and refreshing, your food be delicious and may the enjoyment of family and spirit of the holiday reach new levels.

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