Grand Slam: Four Lessons Your Business Can Learn from a Charity

Otsar Grand Slam Event Unfortunately, there are too many needy people in our community. There are many organizations trying to help but between the legitimate and the not so legitimate all trying to fundraise their messages get blurred. But Otsar, an organization that provides programs and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities, has found a way to break through the clutter to highlight their worthy cause. Below are the four bases why their plan works and how your business can learn from them.
Otsar’s big idea was to create a unique charity event allowing sponsors to play along with former major leaguers and celebrities in a charity softball game while spectators watch (there is also rides/a playground for children). The concept is really simple: contribute to charity and have fun.

Single. Be Professional Despite the fact that this is “merely a baseball game” for a charity organization, the event was run equivalent to a major league game with proper announcements and rituals. Otsar has a good looking site and good looking supporting information.

Double. Create a Buzz With the proliferation of themed Chinese auctions and “special” fund raising dinners for charities, creating an event that’s different has gotten harder. By trying something different Otsar has made it’s name known to people who wouldn’t know about their valuable service. The event is simple but with a few celebrity names (from Hall of Famer Johnny Bench, former Yankee star Ron Guidry and many others) and being played at Key Span park- these are names people will recognize and pass along to each other.

Triple. Multiple Sources of Revenue Otsar’s event has three sources of revenue (besides donations of course): sponsorship, admission and concessions. Within each of these they give people the opportunity to give as much as they are able: from small advertising packages to full sponsorship and from basic admission to premium (box seats) seating.

Grand Slam. Give your customers more value– Most charities just ask for money they don’t give anything back. Certainly altruistic people will give just based on the cause but wouldn’t it be better if there are multiple sources of satisfaction for your “customers”. Similar to a “buy one get three free”, Otsar’s Grand Slam Event offers four enticing “products” to spectators: celebrities, a baseball game, a play ground and of course a networking opportunity (7,000 local Jews in one place). For some, seeing the celebrities is worth the price of admission. For others, watching a baseball game is worth it. Yet still others would pay the admission price just for their kids to enjoy the rides. Beside getting each of these four customers, each of them receives the other three free. Customers that may be on the fence if only one was offered are overwhelmed with the value of getting all four.

Next Action For Yourself
Otsar is holding it’s 2nd grand Slam event on September 18th. You can go to the Otsar Grand Slam Page and make reservations. Or you can join we are putting together a group to enjoy the game. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Next Action for Your Business
Think of a unique event that you can create that highlights your business while giving your customers good value (and fun).

Quite simply this event idea is a home run!

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