How To Get Free Money and Save Big Money At Amazon

Amazon is giving away $20.00! Yes $20.00 in cold hard cash. What’s the catch? They want you sign up to get 3% savings on everything you buy- then they’ll give you $20.00 . I know that deal sounds crazy but it’s true. Sign up for Amazon’s credit card and get 3 points for every dollar you spend (1 point for non-amazon purchases)- the three points is equivilant to 3% because you get an $25.00 amazon certificate for 2500 points. Plus Amazon will give you $20 for signing up!

There is NO annual free, so this deal is a no brainer unless you make more than 3% with your credit card- if you have a better deal let us know here so we can let everyone know. Just click on the ad below to apply.

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