How To Get Your Customers To Tell You How Much They Love You

Testimonials or personal references can often make or break a deal. Here’s how to get them.
Make it easy
The key is to make it easy from customers to give you a testimonial or to be used as a reference. For example, has made it easy tosubmit a testimonial of how has helped you. (Hint, hint)

Don’t Bribe
You shouldn’t bribe customers to give you testimonials because the end result is it will look or feel unnatural and your potential client may notice it, which can count against you. Certainly if you have a good relationship with a client and you would refer their work, you can offer the same back. At JewCentral we will offer you an additional issue on your subscription for a testimonial- yes it’s free anyway, so that isn’t a bribe.

Just Ask
You have many customers that like your product or service (otherwise you’d be out of business) so why dont you ask them. If you dont ask you wont get. So we’ll ask, please submit a testimonial if you like

Help Them With What To Say
Not everyone is so elequent, sometimes customers genuinely like you and your product but cant express themselves. In those cases giving your customers some ideas about what to say will help them give you a good referral. For example, if you were to write a testimonial about you may write how a specific article helped you at work or how you look forward to new articles every day (hint, hint).

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