How To Heat Up Your Summer

Summer is a time for romance, check out Jewish Dating Review‘s new Jewish Dating Spotlight feature for consolidated information about Online Jewish Dating Services. It’s also a time for work, travel, vacation, friendship and relaxation.
Do you know someone looking for a summer job? Check out Jewish Camp Staff and Jewish Summer Camp Jobs.

Make the most of your travel time or avoid travel by setting up a telecommuting program.

Find information about 2,500 public recreation sites managed by state, tribal, and local governments.

Network- Keep up with friends
You never need an excuse to call an old friend. Call your friends cheaply. Send someone a free eCard for July 4th to let them know you’re thinking about them.

Find out what movies to watch or just watch The Jewish Boys of Summer.

Check out some JewCentral readers’ favorite Jewish web sites and suggest your own. And of course continue to read

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