Jewish Dating Insider: Frumster has gotten the inside scoop from Frumster. Check it out to see if Frumster is right for you.

1. How many Jewish members do you have?

We have nearly 14,000 members currently listed. This does NOT include members who have deleted their accounts. In all, there have been nearly 25,000 members who have used Frumster in the past 2 1/2 years

2. What religious affiliations do you cater to? (ie orthodox, reform, chasidic)
Orthodox, Modern-Orthdox Liberal, Modern Orthdox-Machmir, Yeshivish-BlackHat, Yeshivish-Modern, Chasidic, Carlbachian, Sefardic Traditional, and Traditional & Growing

3. What is your price and trial offer?
a. Free basic membeship allows you to post a profile, conduct advanced searches, and be contacted by others.
b. Premium Membership is as low as $8.95/month and gives you full access to all features and services

4. Features offered: chat etc.
Features and Services. In addition to all the regular features of dating websites, Frumster offers:
a. Discounts to popular merchants
b. Publickly share your opinion on interactive forums
c. The opportunity to submit an inspiring story for publication
d. We also have our own dating advisor who will give feedback on your profile or on any specific dating question
e. Password-protected photos, favorites lists, block lists, and much more

5. Service type: member contacts the person they’re interested in, matchmaker contacts member if they think there is a match or other?
Members contact each other directly via e-mail. Friends/matchmakers make reccomendations through send-to-friend feature. The Frumster Staff will also offer our personal assistance in facilitating first dates.

6. What makes your service unique?
Every profile and photo is screened to ensure sincerity and honesty. Members are often called on the phone during the screening period. We have very strict guideleines which lead to a sincere and serious membeship base. We also have a hands-on and personalized service philosphy. A full-time team of professionals work day and night to bring our members together in marriage. So far, 264 people are known to have been married through Frumster

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