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JMatch- Jewish DatingJewish Dating Review offers the inside scoop on JMatch.

1) How many Jewish members do you have? many worldwide

2) What religious affiliations do you cater to? (e.g. orthodox, reform, Chasidic)
Our site has all of the Jewish affiliations represented. Half of the members don’t really observe or are secular, the other half observe more but are from different affiliations. All – reform, modern orthodox, conservative, traditional, etc.. they are all represented so there is something for everyone on our site.

3) What is your price and trial offer?
Our prices vary – we have a one month plan for $30, a six month plan for $60 and our full year for $99 – the latter two are promotions since usually the rate is $30 a month.

4) Features offered: chat etc.
We have live audio and video one-on- one chat/IM, weekly updated Jewish dating content, personalized matchmaking, profile editing services, etc..

5) Service type: member contacts the person they’re interested in, matchmaker contacts member if they think there is a match or other?
Both – we offer online dating and also a more traditional Jewish Matchmaking with our chief matchmaker Mrs. Devora Alouf.

6) What is the age range of your typical members?
About 90% of our members are over 25 years old – most of them are within the 30 to 45 years old range.

7) How many Jewish couples have you matched up?
Countless – on the site and directly by Mrs. Devora Alouf.

8) What makes your service unique?
They are Jewish – and are created to help Jewish people marry Jewish. All of our members for now can reply to all emails for free. We have content from respected writers and Rabbis on issued affecting Jewish singles today updated weekly, and we offer Jewish matchmaking as well as profile writing and editing services to ensure our members’ success.

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