Jewish Dating Insider: Spirit Jewish Singles

Jewish Dating Review has the inside scoop on Spirit Jewish Singles which promotes a new approach toward finding love, friendship and lasting relationships among busy professional singles. SpiritJewishSingles promotes personal and spiritual growth, while encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
1) How many Jewish members do you have? We now have 8000-10,000 members and we are growing every day.

2) What religious affiliations do you cater to? (e.g. orthodox, reform, Chasidic) All

3) What is your price and trial offer? The use of all features is free, except to initiate contact first. Lots of sites now charge to read someone’s e-mail and we do not.

4) Features offered: chat etc. We have IM, chatroom

5) Service type: member contacts the person they’re interested in, matchmaker contacts member if they think there is a match or other? We offer cupid matches sent each week.

6) What is the age range of your typical members? 18- infinity

7) How many Jewish couples have you matched up? Lots already

8) What makes your service unique? It is free to join and recieve e-mail from paid members and Instant messages. Our site ask unique questions about ones lifestyle to create a special profile that helps other members find interest that match there own.

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