Jewish Summer Escapes- Escape the Prices of Long Distance

There is a hidden cost to traveling, especially during the summer when the travel distance doesn’t seem far. The cost is phone service. Simply put you are paying long distance prices when you are speaking to family in Deal, the Catskills etc. Those minutes and pennies quickly add up.

The solution is to get free long distance service!
Many phone companies have started offering a flat plan: all-you-can-talk minutes for one low rate. If you make more than a few long distance or regional calls a month it can easily make sense.

Discount Phone Service
You can start with your existing phone provider, ask them what deals they are offering. Then contact discount phone companies like Cucumber. They offer all the advantages of regular phone service, including the extras like caller id, call waiting etc for a low monthly rate.

Internet Phone Service- VOIP
Another option is making phone calls over the internet. This may sount high tech but it isn’t. You get some equipment from your provider and your current phones start using the internet to make calls. Not only are the prices inexpensive but you also don’t pay taxes on your phone service.

One way to start comparing prices is to visit sites that list links to various voice-over-Internet providers. The sites include and

Internet phone reliability has improved dramatically, but on some services you may experience hiccups if you are downloading large files. Also be sure to find out if you can keep you phone number when you are entering and leaving your provider.

There are many free long distance options, so switch quickly and talk for as long as you want.

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