Jewish Summer Travel: How To Make The Most Of Your Shvitzy Commute

The summer is quickly upon us. Like a Jewish rite of passage, it’s time to take the weekly commutes to your summer destination. No matter if you go to the Catskills, The Hamptons, Deal or anywhere else there is only one guarantee- you will have lots of traffic getting there. This article is filled suggestions on how to optimize your time and keep your blood pressure in check!

The car is a great place to get to know someone better. Create a car pool to your vacation destination or just offer someone a ride. Build your Jewish network.

Driving time doesn’t have to be idle time. Pop some books on tape into your deck and learn something new or read a book on your “to read” list. Public Libraries have a collection of books on tape you can borrow for free (click here).

Conference Calls
Plan in advance, think about some long conversations you need to have- a business partner, a coworker, your mother- and save the conversation for you commute time. Make sure your cell is fully charged and you have your hands-free device.

Limit your commute time
The ideal car trip should have no traffic. Try to schedule your trips late at night or early in the morning to avoid traffic. Try to work something out with your employer by coming in early or leaving late. You can also offer to telecommute on Fridays (click here).

Drink, Don’t Drive
Who says you have to drive? Have someone else drive you! If you can’t afford a limo driver then take the train, ferry, or bus. Trains and Ferries are not effected by traffic, and you won’t get to your destination all frazzled and frustrated. In addition, depending on the length of your commute, it means more time for you to get work done. You can bring some files or papers to read through or try to get a loaner laptop from your office. Remember while it is perfectly acceptable to use your Blackberry on the LIRR, it is generally not a good idea to use it while your behind the wheel of a car.

The commutes will still be long but at least you can take satisfaction from knowing that you accomplished something. Hopefully your destination will make it worth it.

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