Jewish Symbols- Can a Magen David Necklace Bring On Major Dilemmas?

Some countries have banned wearing religious symbols. Though they claim the purpose is to prevent anti-Muslim hostility, in reality, they seek to prevent all religious hostility by creating a ghetto mentality. Shh. Don’t let anyone know you’re Jewish so you won’t have any problems. Has the 21st Century turned into a recycled 19th Century?

What does it mean for the modern day workplace?
For the most part, magen davids are non-essential. Observant men must wear kippahs according to most Orthodox Rabbis (many choose a simple black leather one which almost blends into the hair). Many observant women wear skirts and wigs to abide by Orthodox modesty standards. For the most part, these are hidden from those who do not know what to look for.

Magen Davids however are optional and have become politically charged Jewish and Zionist symbols. The small golden charms you received as a Bat Mitzvah gift is not what we are referring to. (For the most part, that is appropriate for an open workplace when you are not conducting official meetings as a representative for your company). Now Magen Davids are big, silver and unisex, in the same vein as rappers’ name chains and crosses. Behind it is an in-your-face Israeli mentality that we will not meekly accept the anti-Semitic criticisms of Israel and anti-Semitic actions to Jews everywhere. These, like your Kahane Chai headbands, Haam im hagolan bumper stickers and UJA T-Shirts, can remain at home or for use on weekends.

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