Job Offer? Think Carefully Before Saying Yes

Finding the “right job” can be as tough as finding the “right mate.” Most people don’t jump at the chance to pair up just because someone asks – and this should be true for the job offer too.
Most people think carefully to identify and describe the qualities they desire in the “right mate.” It is crucial to exert a similar effort when unemployed and seeking a new job. Looking for a job is too difficult to have to do all over again next year. Here are some exercises to help squelch panic and make informed job decisions:

1. Write your ideal job description. What would you be doing, where would you be doing it, who would you be doing it for, and who would you be working with?

2. What would be your ideal work day? What are the hours, how are you dressed, what does your work location look like, and what activities are you performing?

3. Identify the five most important criteria in your next job.

You now have a basis to evaluate every job offer. If you have an offer but have not learned enough about the job and / organization to compare with your criteria, schedule another interview and ask detailed questions for your comparison.

Good luck!

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