Keeping Your Sanity is Easier than Ever

Previously we warned you that your business can literally disappear overnight if you dont backup your data (see: The Sanity Secret: To Take Two Steps Forward You Must Take One Step Backup. The trick is to set up a backup system once and let it work automatically for you.

There are two ways to do easy backups:
Back up drive
The conventional way to do back up is to get an extra drive and attach it to your computer (or network). For a small business or personal use, an external hard drive can be ideal because it can be transported and do double duty as extra storage. Maxtor even offers one button push backups.

Remote Backup
There are a number of sites that will back up all your data over the internet without the need for any special hardware. On product Mozy Remote Backup offers it free for up to 2GB. Read an in-depth review at PC Magazine. The great thing about remote backup is that you don’t have to worry about switching tapes or any other hardware related tasks. The disadvantages of remote backup are that you don’t have control over it and you need an internet connection.

Whichever method you chose make sure that you are backing up.

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