Kosher Travel- 8 Tips So You Don’t Just Eat Tuna

Jewish Travel involves one huge challenge- finding kosher food. Here are eight tips so you don’t have to live on cans of tuna and cereal bars during your vacation.
1) Find a Restaurant Check Shamash’s kosher restaurant database to find nearby kosher restaurants.

2) Call in advance Some amusement parks (like Disney) will have kosher food waiting for you if you call in advance.

3) Expand your food choices There is more to take than just tuna, cereal and cereal bars. For example, you do not have to refrigerate dry salami until you cut it. So it makes a good travel companion.

4) Take prepackaged meals Your local takeout may offer this service or you can try: Kosher Byte or
Kosher Fly Away.

5) Take it hot Labriute offers takeout meals that you don’t need to refrigerate/freeze and you can warm it up without an oven!

6) Pick a kosher destination– Travel to big cities where you know that there is a large, Jewish community and at least a handful of restaurants – i.e. Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Miami (no need to mention New York). You can even try smaller places and look for a kosher restaurant or bed and breakfast. For example when Yonah went to Cape cod – he went to the Allen Crowell Inn..

7) Call a synagogue Generally speaking you can always find a Chabad house/rabbi who may be able to arrange meals for you and/or give you information about kosher establishments in his local area. If you cant find one, try– the minyan database, and use that to contact shuls/rabbis for information.

8) Buy a book There are several books out there namely for example Traveling Jewish in America and Traveling Jewish around the world, that come out annually with listing of shuls, restaurants/stores and mikvas.

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