Labor Day Resolutions II: Preparing For Your Job Search

In the previous article, Labor Day Resolutions I: Making the Most of your Career, we discussed how to achieve the most at your current position. In this installment we’ll provide a blue print if it’s time to move to a new opportunity.
Figure out what you want Before you start your search you should determine what you really want to do (that you have at least some qualifications to do).

Get your resume ready– Have trusted friends look over your resume. They will find grammatical errors, logical errors, confusing text errors and many other errors- do not get offended- they are only trying to help! Try to look at your resume objectively and see if there is merit to their complaint. Sometimes you know exactly what you are saying but it doesn’t com across on paper. If you are absolutely sure that their suggestions don’t apply, thank them anyway.

Structure your resume so you answer a companies question “what can you do for me”.

Prime your network– Be on the lookout. You have built a informal network of friends and acquaintances- contact them and try getting leads to help you in your search. Networks are one of the best sources for new jobs.

Don’t Burn Bridges– Always be courteous to employers and coworkers, you never know if they will be your future boss or client.

Good Luck

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