Picture this- The Perfect Gift

The next time someone’s birthday or anniversary is coming up, and you’re fresh out of gift ideas, look no further than your digital camera.
Although many of us print the photos we take with our digital cameras or share them on the web, they can also be used to create highly personalized photo gifts for friends and family. These gifts range from cheap and tacky to expensive and sentimental. Didn’t buy a wedding present, but took a lot of digital photos at a friend’s wedding? Make them a photobook! For around $40-50 you can put together a hard-bound album, complete with funny captions, for a little more you can get it leather bound too, and it only takes a couple of weeks – so they’ll get it a lot faster than their photographer’s album. Need a gift for mom who nags about not seeing her grandchildren, get her a photo mug with the kids pictures on it. You can also make t-shirts, baseballs, calendars, and more. Here are some of the companys that make photo gifts from digital images, and what they offer:

Sony Imagestation:
-Photo Books, Calendars, Handbags/Totes, Puzzles, Playing Cards, Mugs; They have the most versatile tools. They will also want to charge you for membership as well.

– Two kinds of Photo Books, Calendars, Aprons, T-Shirts, Mugs; They also let you put captions and borders on your pictures as well.

– Photo Books, Calendars, Mugs; They also will let you buy a frame and can ship and send a framed print for you.

– They have the largest variety of photobooks, and a great program to help you organize them.

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