See The Lights- Chanukah and You

ChanukahAs the world counts down to the last few shopping days to Chanukah, has prepared your gift, have fun and be safe quick guide.

Enjoy your latkas!

8 small gifts or one large one? Give your opinion and see what others thought. Need some specific ideas?
For the business person: The Hasidic Masters’ Guide To Management
For that special girl: The Jewish Doll
For the special woman: A silver menorah or dreydle. Or just get jewelry to be safe.
For Mom: An easy way to track all the entire family schedule
Long Lost Friend: Send a free Chanukah ecard.

Here’s an interesting idea to minimize the cost of gifts and maximize the fun at your Chanukah party.

Have fun
Read Martin Bodek’s humorous article: The Eight Days of Chanuka. Be sure to read on an empty stomach- and keep out of the reach of latkas. Dont forget the classic article Eight Not So Crazy Lessons from Adam Sandler Tired of all the Chrismas music check out last year’s Chanukah parody song.

Be Safe
Before you light that first candle be sure to read 7 tips for a safe Chanukah.

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