Take a Chance and ”Walk on Water”

“Walk on Water,” is the latest film by Eytan Fox, an Israeli filmmaker who received international acclaim for his 2002 film “Yossi and Jagger.” On the surface, “Walk on Water” is a film about Eyal, a Mossad agent who goes undercover and befriends the grandchildren of a Nazi war criminal in order to find out if their grandfather is alive. While trying to accomplish his mission, Eyal confronts professional and personal issues as he tries to find some meaning and insight into his own life. Below the surface, Eytan Fox explores a number of issues including the Holocaust and the relationship between Israelis and Germans.
The film stars Lior Ashkenazi, who received international attention from his role in “Late Marriage.” In “Walk on Water,” Lior effectively plays the complex Eyal as he partakes in the physical journey of his assignment as a Mossad agent posing as a tour guide and his personal, emotional journey of trying to find peace and hope for his own character. Knut Berger and Carolina Peters also give effective supporting performances as Axel and Pia Himmelman, the grandchildren of the Nazi war criminal, who open up Eyal’s eyes and world through their friendship with him.

While some people may not agree with the ending or with a subplot involving Axel’s character, “Walk on Water,” is a film that will evoke discussions and debates by viewers. It certainly is a film worthy of taking a chance on viewing.

“Walk on Water” opens March 4, 2005 in selected cities.

Sandy Chertok currently has two short films, which she produced and wrote, circulating on the film festival circuit – the coming of age drama “It’s All Relative” and the action packed “Winter Solstice.” Besides production, Sandy has received numerous accolades for her writing including: finalist in the Chesterfield Writer’s Project Fellowship, finalist in the NBC sponsored Writer’s Foundation America’s Best Original Sitcom Competition for her pilot “For Pete’s Sake,” and quarterfinalists in the Cinestory and Austin Film Festival’s Screenplay Competitions. She received her BFA with honors from New York University.

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