The One Screen Rule- Don’t Let Requests Slip through the Cracks

Having email replace other forms of communication has been a mixed blessing- it’s easier to communicate and to track correspondences but it’s also clogged our in boxes and our minds. More importantly, crucial emails may be lost at the bottom of this heap. The trick is to keep your email list to one screen, so they’re easy to manage. Here’s some tips to get you started.

  • File away unneeded messages-Delete all emails possible. Other emails that you are merely saving because they may be of interest in the future or provide some information you may need should be filed away- and out of your inbox.
  • Create a “to read” folders– Store newsletter type emails, mail list and other longer not urgent articles in your “to read” folder for when you get more time.
  • Keep very few emails– When your inbox gets over one screen (you pick the length according to what you are comfortable with) it’s time to go through your mail box.
  • Schedule Cleanings- Make it part of your routine to check through and clean you email daily (or at least weekly). Pick a specific time, put it on your calendar with a reminder and ignore all other obstacles.
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