The Time Management Solution- Wrap It Up

If your to do list is getting longer than the Five Books of Moses, this simple technique will save you time and headaches.
With corporate downsizing and the need to always make the best impression, your to do list is probably longer than the Five Books of Moses. There are many tricks out there to help you shorten it, but I’m proposing the most obvious: Finish the Project! How many items on your to do list are in progress- you’re almost finished, but not quite?

Take this scenario: You’re buying a present for your bashert’s (beloved’s) birthday. Being the thoughtful person that you are, you’ve thought about exactly what you’ll get her since her last birthday – because you don’t want a repeat of the “all I can find is dead flowers” incident. You’ve bought the present a month in advance. All you have to do is wrap it. The first two weeks you figure you still have time, before you know it, the big day has arrived. You need to scramble to find time to wrap it. So you look for the wrapping paper, but where is it?!? Another five minutes before you find it. Scotch tape- where did it go? Every step is a chore. Then you realize you can’t use the wrapping paper because your present is too big. And now you’re late for your dinner reservation!

Unfortunately similar scenarios play themselves out at home and work all the time- a project can’t be marked completed because a small detail isn’t accomplished. And your boss spends more time nagging you about it then it would take to complete it.

The solution is simple- complete the project while you are working on it. In this case you, wrap the paper as soon as you get the present. I can hear your protest- “but the project isn’t due for another month!” I’m not saying you should finish your project a month early- actually I am, if you have the time. What I’m suggesting is simple- if you are close to completing a project and it will only take a short time to complete then do it.

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