Three Simple Steps to Insurance

Mazal Tov! Whether you just had a baby, bought a house, changed jobs or retired, it is a good time to make sure that you are protecting your loved ones, and assets, and not overpaying for the coverage. Here is all you need to know:
While there are a million types of coverages, I�m only going to discuss the most basic; term life insurance. Term insurance insures your family for the duration of your payments. Generally we use term insurance to protect something that has a duration, a home mortgage, our children until they�ve completed college or other similar liabilities and loved ones.

Once you�ve figured out how much insurance to purchase, there are three things to look for when choosing the company you wish to insure you.

1. Quality of the insurance company (Rating)

2. Price of the coverage

3. Service of an honest and reliable financial advisor who understands your needs and specific situation

About the Author
Avi Rosenzweig has worked with young families and small businesses for the past four years. His firm belief is that protecting a young family and growing retirement funds are the greatest responsibilities of any parent. Prior to becoming a financial advisor, Avi was a small business consultant who worked with Israeli start-up companies, and helped them penetrate US and European markets. He can be reach at 718 989-0198 or email

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