Top 10 Jewish Graduation Antics

The only thing better than a graduation is a Jewish graduation. Jewish humor site Bangitout presents the top 10 Jewish Graduation Antics:
10. The only thing you are wearing under your gown are teffilin

9. Upon completion of ceremonies you scream “Chazak Chazak V’Nischazaik”

8. When asked dreaded question “What are you doing next?” you respond “Ask my father-in-law”

7. You replace tassel with tzitzit strings

6. Invite religious side of family, as they are glad to finally see you wearing all black

5. Tape letters to cap spelling: I.D.T.

4. Bombard valedictorian with bar mitzvah candy bags

3. Crack up when they call your name, considering you still have 3 classes to take at Ramapo this summer

2. Guys, flash crowd to expose real Jewish Pride

1. They throw caps, you throw shaitel (of woman sitting next to you)

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