Using Message Boards to Find A Job

When you are looking for a job just go to where you’ll find people that match your interests. If you are a PHP programmer visit a php website, if you are a Mets fan you can find New York Mets fan sites and if you are Jewish visit a Jewish website (like Next visit their message board and it may give you a wealth of information on pursuing your next job and you’ll have a huge advantage about getting it.
Here are three opportunities to look for on a message board:

1. Look for open positions
Some sites will allow position posting or will even have special section for this- just do a quick search. For example, had an interesting job posting recently for an programmer.

2. Let people know what you are looking for
Some sites (like may allow or even encourage you to post questions asking advice- they may have a general board this type of communication. This can generate many new leads or furnish good advice about how to approach your career.

3. Networking
Not every interaction will lead to a job, but through intelligent conversations with people who may be able to help you, you can get closer to your goal. And remember the golden rule of networking-Do unto others as you’d have done to you.

Your advantage
Once you get a lead you will have a huge advantage: the common interest. When you meet for an interview you and your potential employer don’t need to make small talk about the weather- you have a huge interest in common which can help start your relationship on the right foot.

Finally, if you are looking for a job, don’t forget to check our Jewish Jobs section to help you with your search.

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