Who Can You Count On?

As we count the omer (sefira) it means that Pesach is gone and Shavuot is coming soon. Interestingly, according to a poll of JewCentral.com readers, Shavuot is the least known jewish holiday! If you need help reminding you to count the omer, we have the solution for you.) It also is an unofficial countdown to longer days and the summer.
For those counting their tuition dollars, see the yeshiva tuition calculator. If are counting your pennies and are interested in a new job- check out Jewish Job Central or use our forums to describe what you’re looking for or to view jobs that others posted. By using Gmail, the best mail service, the count of freebees increases everyday.

If you aren’t sure if you can count on the people in your life, find out how to become a human lie detector. In the meanwhile, you can keep on counting on JewCentral.com to deliver information to make your life better.

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