Who Let The Jews Out: Kosher for Passover Marketing

We recently received an email pointing to http://www.passovergreeting.com/, which has a parody of Pharaoh singing “Who let the Jews out?” to the tune of “Who let the dogs out” by Baha Men. After the song completed the emcee told us about a new book “Schlepping through the Alps“, a book by Sam Apple. Here’s four reasons why this ad works.
1) Viral Marketing– The author only had to send this to a few friends and word of mouth will keep spreading it. The best marketing you can get is viral because it’s free and contagious.

2) Topical– With everyone busy preparing for Passover this message is very appropriate.

3) Matching the Target– The people interested in this song parody (Jews with a sense of humor) are probably the same people interested the book.

4) Easy to remember– The web address passovergreetings.com are easy to remember so people can tell others about it without being in front of a computer.

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