You’re Invited to Get The Best Mail has already pointed out the dangers of not having your personal email account. Now we offer you the best solution for free- GMail, Google’s free email service.
What makes Gmail easily better than the rest:

  • Over 2 gigabytes of space– Dont know your giga bytes from a drakula bite? It simply means that you’ll have plenty of space. Best of all your space grows every day!
  • Conversations– you mail is automatically sorted into conversations. This allows you to easily see what message this person is replying to.
  • Labels– you can set multiple labels (like folders) on any message so you can file your messages in multiple categories- making for fast retreival later.
  • Google Mail search– google’s mail search feature is speeding and acurate- what do you expect from google!
  • More– Need we say there’s much more.

    Currently Gmail is available by invitation only- fortunately has invitations, email us to get your invitation (we have a lot but it’s first come first serve)- just let us know your username and your favorite part of

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