10 Best Jewish Pick Up lines

Jewish Dating Review has compiled the 10 best Jewish pick up lines.
10. I know you from some place- did I meet you at sinai?
9. Now I know why moses wandered the desert for 40 years, he was looking for you
8. You are like a 10th man in my minyan (quorum), you complete me.
7. Can I be your Moses and take you out of this desert?
6. I make more money than a Jewish Doctor, your mother will be happy if you take me home.
5. Thank you. Now I understand the beauty solomon described in the Book of Songs (Shir ha’shirim)
4. Are you good at construction? Lets build a Bayit Ne’emon B’yisroel.
3. Can I borrow a quarter? Now that I met you I can fire my shadchan.
2. Does that cell phone have a camera? I want to be ready to post our picture on onlysimchas.
1. How about showing me some v’ahata re’acha komocha.

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