At A Loss For Words To Describe Your Organization?

Who you work for; Fortune 500 firm, entrepreneurial start-up, or retail chain can have an impact in future job or career opportunities. How you describe your organization on your resume, bio, or in framing the response to an interview question may be an influencing factor in moving on or staying put. Use the following tips as guidelines in writing powerful organization descriptions to maximize your credentials.
1. Craft descriptions that demonstrate the scope, depth, and breadth of the organization.

2. State the industry and how you rank, such as: “new web-based products for Internet software firm” or “one of the top performing restaurant units out of a chain of 100.”

3. Use descriptive adjectives indicating whether it is upscale, boutique, luxury, full-service, the largest, one of the largest, innovative, or entrepreneurial.

4. Quantify wherever possible, such as: “10 specialty retail stores in the metropolitan Chicago are with $4 million in annual sales” or “an eyeglass retailer with 18 locations and annual sales of $28 million.”

5. Always review your organization’s web site to see how they describe themselves. Craft your statement from it, such as: “the worlds preferred satellite communications provider on land, sea, and in flight.”

Good luck!

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