Dating Tips – Have that something special

Would you (as a man) EVER wear those fancy fashion clothes women wear? Would you ever color your eyelids green? Would you ever walk around in tight high heels?
You see, this is another example of different thinking between a woman and a man: Women love that “special something”. Woman love to look attractive.
This gives you advantages if you

  • wear a hat, neckerchief, necklace….
  • wear new designer clothes. Even if a women is not a style-addict your new clothes will make an impression
  • wear a, say, teddy bear with you. As stupid as it may sound, but you will get attention and women will probably ask you questions. You can start a talk by saying that you repair the teddy bear, or what the bears name is etc

Having something “quirky” shows that you are self-confident. Self-confidence is another thing women love. Please read Be successful and self-confident. In fact some women are so fixated to wear something special themselves that they begin to HATE the other girl on a formal party who by accident wears the same dress.

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