Dating Tips – Show Success and self-confidence

“Success makes sexy” and “Sexy smell of success”, they say. Women love men who know what they want. Women love men who achieve their goals. Taking risks and breaking rules CAN be a turn-on, including driving fast. (This is one of the reasons why hard rockers date models). And men know that women want powerful men. The solution is to ooze success.
In secretly observed female-male flirt encounters scientists found out that most men start to list their “life achievements” shortly after the first “Hello“: Where they have been, what they have achieved, what cars they have etc. In other words: Production & seduction go hand in hand. Thus your life success can lead to dating success. It is a bad dating strategy to look shaken up by life and be “merely surviving”. It is wrong to hope that a woman takes pity on you. Perhaps instead of the pick up line “Can I buy you a beer?” the pick up line “Can I buy you a car?” could work better (I didnt try it myself).

To ooze success you can mention signs of bravery in your life at appropriate parts of the conversation: Do you organize seminars and speak in front of a lot of people? Mention it. Are you are a skydiver? Mention it. Are you are a fire fighter who has saved a life? Mention it.

Finally Dress nicely, because clothes imply success.

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