Earn Money With Your Site In Just Five Minutes

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make money with your site, you are less than five minutes away from making some moola. Simply sign up for Google ads using the button below and after a few quick questions it will guide you through the small change you need to make to your web site.

How much you earn depends on how many people visit and click on your site. Now you only need to worry about getting visitors to your site and not advertisers also. Below we explain the pros (mostly) and cons of using Google ads on your site.

  • Easy to start making money- It takes less than 5 minutes to set up your Google Adsense account. You start making money immediately. Checks are mailed (or automatically deposited) monthly when you earn $100.
  • No headaches- You do not need to work with individual advertisers. Google manages all this for you.
  • No cost- Google doesn’t charge you for setting up your account.
  • Fill your ad inventory- You can use Adsense to supplement your current advertisers and thus leave no inventory unused.
  • Raise you ad rates- Once you establish your average rate from Google AdSense then it becomes less profitable to sell your own ad space for anything less than that baseline. You can then raise your rates.
  • Users may like seeing targeted ads- Most users have been conditioned to ignore ads yet occasionally when one strikes them they’ll click on them. They are obviously interested in it if they have clicked on the ad. Google uses a proprietary formula to determine which ads will work best on your site and will continually monitor the click-through results on your site to ensure that they give your visitors the site they would most be interested in.


  • Readers may not like seeing ads- Many readers do not like seeing ads as they are obtrusive and can take away from your content. You must decide if ads will detract from your site’s reputation. If you are a high-end site and/or charge your members for using your resources then ads are probably in appropriate. Nowadays, most users have come to expect ads and for the most part tune it out.
  • Reads may not like specific ads- With Google Ads the advertisements appear on your site automatically when Google thinks it matches your content. On one of my sites, JewCentral.com , readers have complained about a few ads. I agreed, religious sites (Jewish) should not have ads promoting sites for another religion (non-jewish). Google has a feature that allows me to exclude the offending sites. Unfortunately I can only do it after someone notices it- I can’t do this proactively.
  • Competitor Ads- Your competitor can potentially get his ad on your site. You are able to filter out his ads in advance if you know the domain name (web address of his site). For most sites, including this one, I’m not concerned that “competitor” sites will appear because as long as JewCentral.com provides good content people will keep coming back.

    Will this make you rich?
    It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to earn a living just with ads unless you have substantial viewship, but a few people are making a lot of money. If you have a site or an idea for a site, this can easily put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

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