Do Blind Dates Really Work?

Aside from the amusing stories we hear or see from the entertainment industry, many people often wonder if blind dates really work. Although I don�t have an answer that is loaded down with statistics and polls, I offer something different- a common sense point of view.
Most of us meet many potential mates through friends at parties, clubs, restaurants and various other places. It seems to be the natural progression of human nature. We are friends with someone because we both have qualities that appeal to the other. They have other friends for the same exact reason. It seems to be a logical assumption that a �friend of a friend� would be a wise choice to consider dating. The same would apply to a blind date- a �friend of a friend� whom we haven�t met yet through chance. Friends and family are the most likely to attempt the blind date for a single person. Those who know us best always seem to approach the blind date proposal with something like, �You know who would be perfect for you?� It�s a great start for a single person to find a partner. As far as what we like and are attracted to in a friend can definitely be found this way.

The downside to this process is one that can be the most frustrating. No one can interpret �chemistry� between two people on any level except for the individuals themselves. Friends or family can make a guess based on who you have dated in the past, but there is no clear definition of what any one of us finds as far as the ultimate attraction. When you walk into a bar or club, you know what is appealing to you. You are aware of the �hottie� you�ve made eye contact with since the minute you walked in the room. Unfortunately after speaking with him or her, you might find that initial attraction has dissolved in their poor grammar, immature attitude or cheesy pick up lines. Let�s face it- it�s not as easy as people think to meet your mate or even someone with which you can have a lasting relationship.

Online dating is convenient and sometimes even fun, but it is time consuming to make sure the person you are connecting with online is honest and up front about who they are and what they want. You can easily find physical attraction just about anywhere. Finding that physical attraction with a matching personality is the tricky part.

To sum up this deliberation- yes, blind dates really work. I�m in a relationship resulting from a blind date. I chose to listen to friend�s suggestions and go out with some blind dates that offered no physical appeal to me to find the right person, but we could at least chat about our common acquaintances and feel relatively safe while we were together. I also knew that they were looking for something similar to what I was looking for. But so many other people have simply been in the right place at the right time to meet their partners. Is one way of meeting people better than another? Maybe not, but if you want a way to meet where both parties are more likely to be on the same page and a level of comfort can be felt due to mutual acquaintances, blind dates just might work for you.

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