First Date Tips For Women

You are on your way to your first date with him. Probably a blind date. Here are some basic things you need to know, in order to make it a successful one or what you should do if things go wrong. (This article has been written with the help of my wife, Mona)

  • Don’t come to the date without makeup. You could be one of them that prefer the “natural look” but that doesn’t mean that you can’t magnified your natural beauty. He will have enough chances to see you as you are, if all will go well after this date.
  • On the other hand, don’t over do it. You are not on your way to a Marlin Manson’s concert. You are not a 100 years old yet and you don’t need to cover your wrinkles up just yet. If you have beautiful eyes, let him see them. The same goes with your lips or other parts of your face.
  • Don’t be late! Yes. They say that he needs to wait for you and that you can use the “fashionably late” term, but that leaves bad impression and it will be a pity to start like that.
  • Don’t come to the date with the impression of “why am I coming to this date anyway? This is a waste of my time.” If you really think like that, cancel it. Just do it nicely and tell him that. Don’t let him wait for you there without knowing that you are not coming.
  • Be light. Laugh with him at his jokes, but don’t overreact. Men can “smell” it, and that’s a turn off.
  • Eat and drink, but don’t overdo it unless your attentions are to make him run away.
  • Take a chance. If you really like this guy, ask for his number. Yes, traditionally, it is him that needs to make the first move, but don’t you think that we are over those days? If you feel like dancing with him, ask him. This is also your chance to “test” things – if he will get scared or will show sings of “not interested”, then he is not your guy, right?
  • If you don’t agree with him about thing you are talking about, don’t attack him! He is only as nervous as you are. Anyway, they say that one should not fit on the first date.
  • Don’t tell him when you need to leave, so you will have the chance to leave when you feel like if things go wrong.
  • Tell him about yourself but not too much – You don’t know where this relationship is going to just yet.

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