How to be Successful in Life, Dating, and Business

How can I be successful in life, dating, and business? A big question. I am sure that everybody on this planet would like to know the answer to that. A few years ago, I worked for a British time share company. I am sure that right now there are many people twisting their faces: “time share? Oh. No! “. I agree – But this is not the point of this article.While I was working there, I took some intern course in body language and “The art of sales”. Since then EVERYTHING i want to “sell”, I manage to. By saying everything, i mean business, things that I want from my wife, from my kids, from my friends and family and so on. How do I do that, you ask? Well, here it is. You can try to use this method in every field, and I promise you it will work:
As an example, I will use my first date with my wife which eventually leaded to our marriage. Picture this – My first date with her, nice restaurant, candle lights, wine and music (you do need to set the scene first). She came; we said hello to each other, ordered some wine and then the “sale” started.

  1. KISS – Which means: Keep It Simple & Stupid. This is a very important point in the whole conversation. The more info you give freely, the more they need to think about. You should give info about your self, but try to think about what you say as you can talk too much and give some info that should not be given…at least not right now.
  2. WH questions – As the conversation roles, try to ask as many WH question as you can: why, where, how, what…You need to gather as much info about them as you can to understand who is sitting right now and talking to you, what is his/her type, what does she/he likes…Why is that so important? As I asked my future wife on that first date all the WH question, I found at that she is a “homey” type, loves romance, loves to cuddle…If I would right away start talking about me and my “wild” life, I would probably have lost her interest. I do not say you need to be someone else just to get their attention, but trying to “win” this meeting.
  3. Tea or Coffee – Now you have gathered all the info you need, and it is time to start closing this deal. You are not about to close it now, but we need to get closer to the goal of our “sale”. Tea or Coffee questions are BASED on the info you got earlier and now you try to focus on the points. For example: “so what you are trying to say is that you rather be at home then go out to wild parties?” or “so… what do you prefer, Madonna or Jimmy Hendricks?” With this type of question you are now minimizing the info you got to more focused answers.
  4. The Closing – You have now got the info, got the focused answers, it is time to “close” this “ Sale”. What you want to do is to get a yes or no answer (depends on the situation) from them. How do you do that? Very simple. Use ALL the info from the entire evening/meeting and concentrate on the particular questions you want to get yes or no answers to. For example: “so what you are saying is that if I could make some nice dinner for you, just as you like, with candle and wine, we could meet again?” Of course, you are waiting for a “yes” here. It is EXTREMLY important to use finishing statements at the end of your questions, like: “so you do like cuddling, don’t you?” Use you head to nod as you ask gives a “mirror effect” on people and they can’t help not nodding back.

As I mentioned at the beginning, you can use this technique ANYWHERE on EVERYBODY…trust me it works, but as everything in life, you need to practise and a lot. Hope you can and will use it in your life.

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